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Tips for Sellers

(from "Dress Your House For Success" The Coldwell Banker Home Enhancement Guide)

The Model Home Effect
 Buyer's will feel more at home in a house with an environment similar to that of a model home. Here are a few key elements you find in a model home:
The environment is neutral.
The smell is new and clean.
The colors and interior decorating accent the homes features.
The sound is quiet or enhanced by subtle background music.
All details are looked after from the inside out.
The Outside of Your Home
The first impression a buyer has is critical. That means the exterior of your home needs to look it's best. Before your house is ready for potential Buyers, ask yourself these questions:

Is the street in front of my house free from litter and debris? Is the sidewalk in front of my house free of weeds? Could it benefit from sweeping? Does my fence need a fresh coat of paint?
Does the gate need to be oiled? Are my lawn and shrubs well maintained? Do they need to be trimmed? Could a little extra landscaping improve it? Are my decks and patios clean and in good repair? Is my walkway swept and free of weeds? Does my driveway need to be resealed?
Does my house need paint? Are my windows in need of cleaning or repair? Does my roof need repair? Does it leak or sag? Is it missing tiles or shingles? Is my chimney in good shape? Does it need a sweep? Is my front door in good shape? Is there good lighting? Does the doorbell work?

The Inside of Your Home
Here are a few concepts that will help you pinpoint any areas of your home which might need improvement.

LIGHT. Keep windows clean. Use adequate wattage in light bulbs.
Consider replacing old fluorescent lamps, which darken with use.
Use mirrors to magnify the feeling of light and space. Use track lighting to create a high-tech look. Use light wall colors. Open drapes and blinds and turn lights on prior to showing.

COLOR. Shades of white, off-white, and very light pastels are the safest choices for the interior.
Avoid highly patterned wallpaper whenever possible. Try to limit bright colors to accents like fresh flowers, towels, area rugs, and shower curtains.

SOUND. Avoid barking dogs, noisy children and loud music if possible.
Also avoid sounds of work like vacuums, dishwashers, and lawn mowers.

SMELL. The smell of newness is positive. This scent can be achieved by a fresh coat of polyurethane to wood or latex paint to walls. The smell of cleanliness is important to the sale of a house. Beyond actually cleaning, lemon oil and lemon wax can help create a lasting scent of freshness. Fresh flowers can also be effective. Sweeten the refrigerator with a box of baking soda. Smells to avoid include strong pet odors, tobacco, cooking, and oil or gas. For a real heart warming touch, place a dish of vanilla in a warm oven to create the aroma of fresh baked cookies or bread.